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Action packed, heart stopping, adrenaline fueled fun.

Paintballing Belfast

Load up soldier, paintball at The Mill is just for you.

Come rain or sunshine, winter or summer, night or day our  Paintballing Belfast 25 000 square foot indoor arena in Northern Ireland will keep you on your toes, ducking, diving and trigger squeezing.

Paintball Northern Ireland Indoor Arena

We’ll provide the kit and weaponry, you provide the guts & glory.

Paintballing Belfast sessions last two hours and alternate throughout the day. Bookings take priority and if we are full up in a session we may be unable to accommodate you so please book in advance.

Paintballing Belfast players all over it

In between games you will find yourself lounging in our classy lobby with a cup of hot coffee to your lips and some sweet tunes hitting your ears. We are simply the best Paintballing Belfast venue in the country!

Safety is our number one priority at The Mill and we will ensure all participants are provided with
the necessary gear for protection and are well briefed in our pre-game safety talks.

All players must also abide by the site rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves equally and go home happy and without any injuries.


  • 2 Hour session with 100 Balls:  £17.50
  • 2 Hour session with  300 Balls: £25.00
  • 2 Hour Session with 500 Balls: £35.00

Extra Paint

100 Paintballs : £7.00

300 Paintballs : £18.00