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About Us

The Mill now blasting its way into the heart of Dublin!


The Mill Opened its first premises in Portadown, Northern Ireland, 20 minutes from Belfast city centre. We took over an abandoned linen Mill dating back to 1619 and replaced the hum of factory workers and machinery with that of airsoft guns cracking away, paintball guns blasting and Nerf darts whistling through the air.

We have now opened our second branch, this time in the heart of the vibrant Dublin City centre, located in a double story building only a few minute’s walk from Ireland’s iconic Guinness Storehouse. We hope to bring the craic to the hustle and bustle of the ever growing and developing Dublin city providing 5 different activities aimed at various age groups.

We provided action for all ages from as young as 4 all the way up to adults blasting away at each other, we discovered that we had an amazing facility to provide fun, excitement and some heart pumping moments of adrenaline, and we have no perfected the art of indoor combat.

The brand has been built around being indoor because at the end of the day who wants to spend 2 hours running around a mucky wet Irish field?

Birthday parties, stag and hen activities, business day’s out, youth group activities and most other group functions are a key element to what we do. There is nothing better than shooting the boss, or making the stag run a wall of woe or just having some decent craic with the lads and lasses. You can also turn up to one of our various open shoots where you don’t have to come with a group! However for any of our activities at our Dublin Venue you only need 4 players to make a booking.

We pride ourselves on creating a warm, humorous atmosphere at The Mill, however when the whistle goes and the guns are cocked we strive for fast paced, intense action with a mix of tactics and run and gun gameplay. Despite this, safety is always golden and all rules are enforced strictly to ensure everyone goes home alive and well.