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How do I book?

Simply send us an email via our website enquiries link or directly to [email protected] or call us on +353 872236522 , with the following details and we will get back to you with availability ;

  1. Activity of choice – Nerf (for ages 4+), or Paintball, Low Velocity Paintball, Airsoft, Flashpoint, (all for ages 9+).
  2. Proposed date and time 
  3. Weather you want to go for 1 hour or 2 hours
  4. Rough estimate of number of players

OR, give us a call on the number on 


Prices can be found on www.themilldublin.ie/prices. Prices for all the activities except for paintball work on a per hour basis. Paintball works on a ball package basis (300 balls would occupy a 1 hour slot)

What should I wear?

The paint we use is water soluble, so it will wash out of clothing but we recommend old trainers and light, casual, comfortable clothing.

What is included in the price?

For all activities except paintball – everything you need to play is included in the price, including unlimited ammo and the necessary protective gear.

For paintball, we provide the chosen ball package, paintball gun, and protective clothing and eyewear.

Are there parking facilities?

There is paid parking 1 minute away on the very same street of our facility.

How many players needed to book?

A minimum of 4 players and maximum of 50 

Is the facility wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately our facility isn’t wheelchair friendly yet.

Do you provide food?

Unfortunately we don’t cater our own food, however we do offer Party Table Hire which is a bit of function space where you can have any food/cake/drinks that you want to bring. A popular option is to order in a takeaway.

The full cost for this is €10 for 1 hour and is to be used after your booking

Do you do group discounts?

If you have a group of over 20, contact us and we can negotiate a price that suits both us and you.

Does it hurt?

Paintball, Flashpoint and Airsoft do hurt. Low impact paintball does not have much of an impact and Nerf is largely painless unless you are struck on the face which we marshal against. We advise all participants to wear a hood of some description to protect the back of the head and gloves to cover bear hands.