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Let the balls fly!



Lock ‘n load trooper, let the balls fly.

No matter the weather, time or season our fully lit indoor arena runs all year round!
No more wet fields or mucky puddles to tramp through!

Sessions last 2 hours and will have you gasping for air after taking on our intense indoor arena pitting your agility and marksmanship against your friends.

All of our Reball markers are set to a lower velocity due to the close proximity of our indoor course, being indoor we also do not have the negative effects of wind or rain to worry about!. Safety is priority and all measures are taken to ensure no participants are hurt. Currently the age limit for Reball is 16+

Following Covid 19 we moved from paintballs to reballs. These small soft rubber balls allowed us to provide a more clean activity experience, reassuring our staff and customers of better hygiene standards with the same awesome fun as before! The best bit: UNLIMITED AMMO!


  •  1 Hour Session: € 30.00
  •  2 Hour Session: €35.00