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First of its kind in Ireland 

Flash Point is an ultra realistic Combat Simulation.

This is the first of its kind in Ireland.

Players are kitted out with a special forces style loadout with a choice of weaponry from our armoury. Players are exposed to fast paced, pressure intense situations, pitting one team against the other; both with opposing objectives.

Games vary in rules, players may have one life, several respawns, or if your team has a medic you may have a chance of being revived mid game.  In all cases when you are hit that is you down and your team a man down until you are revived or respawn.

Teamwork is essential, as you need your partners to have your back and provide covering fire as you push through rooms and corridors or make that dash through the open. It’s surprising how players adapt and learn to cooperate when faced with the pressures of Flashpoint.

The course itself is designed to be tight and extremely fast paced. Every turn of the corner may result in an intense encounter with an enemy player. The guns used are all legal airsoft replicas set to a lower power to suit indoor combat. Players are also equipped with tactical gear and team coloured co-ordinated uniforms which reduces the impact of BB’s.

You only need 4 players to give Flashpoint a go! We can accommodate up to 16 Players on the course at a time. Flashpoint is suitable for everyone from the ages of 11 up. This is a great activity for birthdays, stags, work groups, and team building days! We can have up to 32 players making up four teams of 8 playing in rotation against one another for larger groups.

Safety, as always, is key. Strict safety rules are in place and enforced to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time and nobody goes home hurt. All safety gear and guns are regularly tested. 


1 Hour: €30.00

2 Hours: €40.00

Prices Include all ammo and kit needed. No additional costs.