Now blasting each other up  with low velocity Gotcha Shotguns, with BT Combat Slice HPA Markers to follow in May.



Lock ‘n load trooper, let the paint fly.

No matter the weather, time or season our fully lit indoor arena runs all year round!
No more wet fields or mucky puddles to tramp through!

Come and blast away some stresses and have a great few hours of craic with the lads and gals.
Our game sessions are usually two hours with short breaks between games to reload and refresh strategy. Being indoor 2 hours is a sufficient time to paint up your opponents as there is significant sprints, dives and weaving through the course.

Let yourself loose with our traditional paintball that we have all grown to love and fear, we won’t lie, it can sting! Our games are all fast paced and work off an unlimited life basis. You will have to move fast and stay low in order to beat your opponents. The course consists of a mix of low and high covers with a few basic stud structures to be held and captured.

All of our guns a set to a lower velocity due to the close proximity of our indoor course, being indoor we also do not have the negative effects of wind to worry about. Safety is priority and all measures are taken to ensure no participants are hurt.


  •  Kit and 300 Balls: € 30.00

  •  Kit and 500 Balls: € 40.00

  •  Kit and 1000 Balls: € 55.00

    Extra Paint (Can be shared)

  • 100 Balls : €10.00
  • 500 Balls: €40.00