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Low Velocity Reball



Looking for some adrenaline pumping, fast paced action without the sting?

Take to our inflatable reball course in a close quarters, high intensity dodgeball like battle were players must retrieve ammo from the course and eliminate the enemy team by hitting them marking them out of the game until they can be revived. This activity comes with unlimited ammo and real fun for kids and adults! The pump action gun is easy to pick up with a good range and accuracy.


Following Covid 19 we moved from paintballs to reballs. These small soft rubber balls allowed us to provide a more clean activity experience, reassuring our staff and customers of better hygiene standards with the same awesome fun as before! The best bit: UNLIMITED AMMO!

Suitable for ages 8+

Group sizes can range from 4 to 20.


  • 1 Hour session: €25.00
  • 2 Hour Session: €30.00