All out kid friendly warfare

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a nerf dart? It’s a nerf dart!

Nerf is the best way to occupy the younger players with kids as young as 4 coming to have a blast and shoot it up. There is no age limit, so there is no excuse for adults not to join in on the fun.

Our dart zone will be supervised by kid oriented marshalls, who will ensure an action packed day of nerf darts and giggles. Kids have the option of bringing their own nerf guns, or using the ones we provide on site. Regardless, they will need energy and enthusiasm to take on a series of exciting games such as ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Defuse the Bomb’ amongst others.

The dart battalion will be made up of group or individual bookings, who will be mixed up throughout the games to ensure variety. This keeps the games interesting, and allows social skill building situations to arise amongst the kids.

Every session includes the highest health and safety compliance, the necessary protection gear as well as a pre-game safety talk. To ensure that The Mill can provide the best possible nerf experience, all players must respect each other and abide by site rules at all times.

Weather an individual player or a group, all that’s left now is to kit up and be ready for an action packed day out at The Mill!


1 Hour: €12.00

2 Hours: 16.00

Nerf kids can bring their own guns or use a selection of our guns available.