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Corporate Days

Sick of the same old office party year after year?

Corporate Days at The Mill

Get your team out for the day and get them settling their age-old grievances.

Take on our completely indoor facility in one of our various activities with one perfect for every type of team, or better yet split the group over our two arenas, one group doing Flashpoint (Ouch) and one doing Low Impact Paintball (for the less pain tolerant)!


It’s not all about shooting the boss though, we have tailored our games and missions to produce
situations in which pure teamwork as well as strong leadership. Being out in our arenas will test your staff and develop their skills in overcoming problems and thinking statically as well as improving communication and trust within the group.

The Battles can get pretty heated at times but when the whole thing is over everyone shares some
great laughs, hugs and most of all memories. 

On top of this all of our corporate days get the sole use of our lobby which can comfortably accommodate 60 people. Caterers and food producers in the area are also more than happy to cater to your event!

No matter how big or small our group is we will negotiate a deal to suit your budget. So, contact us if you’re up for a different type of corporate function this year.


We can tailor a corporate package to suit your needs starting from €15 per head.