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Q. Will I get my clothes dirty?

A. We provide full Body Overalls, however we advise older shoes and hoodies if you plan to use the hood

Q. Do I need gloves?

A. We do not provide gloves but do sell them on site if needed as well as snoods to protect the head.

Q. Do I play for the Full 1/2 Hours?

A. Given you are on site 20 mins prior to your booking you will play the full session, however if you are late or take longer than usual to get kitted up this will eat into your time.

Q. How long are games?

A. Games last between 10-20 minutes with 5-10 minute breaks in between games, this varies on the games played and temperature on the day.

Q. is their a Disclaimer to sign?

A. Yes, all activities require a disclaimer to be signed prior , an adult must countersign for u16s.

Q. Do I have to buy more ammo?

A. You only pay for your ammo in HPA Paintball (Full powered paintball). Ammo is unlimited in Airsoft, Flashpoint, Nerf and Splat Attack.

Q. Is their changing rooms?

A. We do not have designated changing rooms as overalls are simply applied over clothes, we do however have toilets where changing can be done.

Q. How long should I prebook?

A. We advise at least 2 weeks notice however we usually have avalabilty within the same week but peak times may not be available.

Q .How can I book?

A. You can call us, email us or call in to an open session. We will then provisionally book you in and confirm the booking when we receive a 50% Deposit.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum player count?

A. For private bookings we have a minimum of 8 (4 Dublin) players required, we can take up to 50 (20 Dublin) players on the course at once or up to 100 (40 Dublin) in a facility book out with alternating teams.